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The survival rate in the perspective of 10 years is no more than 25%, in extreme cases it is slightly higher, but this is more of an error. Even less without treatment.
The overall prognosis is unfavorable.

Dilatation of the chamber of the left atrium (abbreviated DLP) is the expansion of the chamber of the muscular organ. Accompanied by defects in cardiac structures and remote systems. The prospects for cure are good only at 1-2 stages of the pathological process. Further - much worse. You can't start the state.

As soon as the symptoms of heart failure appear, it is no longer necessary to count on recovery. The main function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body. This organ is four-dimensional, each chamber is enclosed by a valve. The work of the left atrium is closely related to the pulmonary circulation. If there are any violations in this process, then this may lead to the development of such a disease as dilatation of the left atrium.

The human heart, as a hollow muscular organ, has its own margin of safety. It consists of two atria and ventricles, through which blood is pumped throughout the body. Sometimes it happens that its amount entering the cavity exceeds the allowable volume. Thus, the walls are subjected to increased loads, which over time causes them to stretch (dilate). The most common is dilatation of the left atrium. A change in its size occurs against the background of a disturbed outflow of blood. An increase in volume on the left can lead to diseases of the right heart, if you do not resort to timely treatment. This state is dangerous because it does not manifest itself in the first stages of development.

For a complete diagnosis of this pathology, the patient is assigned a series of studies. In the course of their conduct, concomitant diseases are often found, which are the cause of impaired heart function. It can be tachycardia, stenosis or measuring arrhythmia. It should be understood that early diagnosis will avoid irreversible consequences, which is why it is important to consult a doctor at the slightest ailment. Atrial dilatation is of two types. Tonogenic. Occurs as a result of high pressure and the presence of a large volume of liquid in the chamber. Most often, this form is accompanied by myocardial hypertrophy. Myogenic. This type of change occurs due to a variety of heart diseases and leads to a weakening of the contractile function of the myocardium. Such deviations in the cavities are irreversible./p>

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Most often, only one cardiac chamber undergoes an increase. The danger of this condition lies in the risk of developing arrhythmia or chronic heart failure. The main function of the left atrium is to deliver oxygenated blood to the left ventricle. After that, it is pumped into the aorta and transported throughout the body. Between these departments there is a valve. If its work is disturbed, then dilatation of the cavity of the left atrium develops. As a result of this, the blood passes heavily through the narrowed hole, which causes an overload of the heart wall and its stretching.

There are no definite symptoms with such changes. It is also important that this disease is usually accompanied by other abnormalities in the work of the heart. Most often, patients complain about the occurrence of symptoms of arrhythmia and stenosis. They present with shortness of breath, cyanosis, or pale skin. Changes in the right atrium can occur with an increase in pressure in the blood vessels of the small (pulmonary) circulation. Also, similar problems can occur against the background of myocardial infection and pulmonary hypertension. Some heart defects can also lead to an increase in the volume of the right atrium.

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For effective treatment of such a phenomenon, first of all, it is necessary to establish the cause and stop it. If this is not done on time, then hypertrophy and heart failure occur in the future. The most commonThe treatment is surgery. To achieve a positive result, medical correction of the underlying disease is required. Moderate dilatation of the left heart is not accompanied by any symptoms. But with a strong expansion, the following signs already appear.

People who play sports at a professional level or hard physical labor have an enlarged left atrium. This is considered normal and does not require treatment. Sometimes the fact that the chambers are expanded, patients learn only at a scheduled examination and do not attach any importance to this, because they feel good.

If such a pathology continues to progress, then the person feels not only shortness of breath in a calm state, but also cough, pain in the chest, increased sweating and jumps in blood pressure. The main reason for the expansion of the left atrium is considered narrowing or insufficiency of the valve. In this case, excessive blood supply leads to stress on the muscles and their further stretching. With stenosis, blood always remains in the cavity, and when a new portion arrives, an overflow occurs, as a result of which the department gradually expands.

Expansion of the right atrium occurs against the background of the following factors. The growth of one or another part of the heart can occur due to inflammation of the heart muscle, which is a consequence of vardenafil pills or scarlet fever. A variety of pathologies of infectious or fungal origin, as well as the intake of certain drugs, can provoke the development of dilatation.

The reasons for the increase in the volume of the left atrium can serve. Atrial dilatation actively affects people with high blood pressure. The heart has to contract harder, which leads to pathological stretching of the muscles.

  • Dilatation of both atria requires treatment, as it is a pathological change.
  • It is selected based on the cause of the disease.
  • The generally accepted treatment regimen includes ACE inhibitors, antiplatelet agents, drugs to improve tissue metabolism and relieve symptoms that accompany coronary heart disease.
  • Particular attention is paid to the normalization of the heart rhythm. For this purpose, the patient may be prescribed beta-blockers.
  • If the ongoing transformations are left unattended, they can cause heart failure or life-threatening arrhythmias. At the same time, a pathology detected in time and its adequate treatment is not a guarantee of success, but it will allow to stabilize the condition and improve the quality of life of vardenafil pills.
  • By eliminating the cause that provoked the problem, you can stop the progression of dilation.
  • An integral part of therapy is prevention and regular examination by a cardiologist. Without these measures, a positive outcome is almost impossible.

To avoid serious heart health problems, it is necessary. Maintain a healthy diet and eat healthy. The diet should be saturated with plant products. It is recommended to consume lean meat, fish, seafood, cereals and various types of nuts. It is advisable to exclude fried, fatty foods, as well as foods with a high salt content from the diet. Engage in light physical activity regularly. It is best to increase the duration of walks in the fresh air, to buy levitra online. Eliminate all bad habits. It is very important to completely give up alcohol and cigarettes.